We don't like it, but it happens...here are a few corrections to our patterns.

HOMETOWN HARVEST: X, Y and Z patterns were missing from a few instructions. If your instructions were missing these templates, please contact us at 858-538-3534 or quiltcompany@yahoo.com and we will either email you the template or mail them out to you.

Page 6, PIECING SASHING TOGETHER, Steps 1 - 4: the written instructions are correct but the corresponding drawings are incorrect. We have included the correct drawings that you can print and use as you are making this unit (click on the image to the right of this text)

BUNNY TOWN: Pattern #3: Under Sewing Door, Step 6 it should read: Step 6 - Use Non-Template Method to sew Background (E) to House (J). Press seam allowance toward Background (E). (E is the correct piece, not F, the picture should reflect letter E not F, also).

Pattern #5: In the Applique instructions for cutting, the red scroll for the barn door braces are not listed as an applique piece. Make sure to include this in your applique pieces.


Step 1 – SIDE BORDERS: Sew (2) 2 ½” x 42” Outer Border strips together Make 2. From each 83" pieced strip cut 1, 2 ½” x 64 ½” Side border. Make 2. Save the 2 leftover 18 ½” strips to use at Step 3.

Step 2 - Pinning every 4” along the side, pin Side Borders onto quilt. Sew borders on; press seam allowance toward Side Border. Quilt will measure 64 ½” x 55”.

Step 3 – TOP & BOTTOM BORDERS: Sew (1) 2 ½” x 42” Outer Border strips plus the leftover 18 ½” strip from Step 1 together. Make 2. From each pieced strip Cut 1, 2 ½” x 55” Top & Bottom borders. Make 2.

Step 4 - Pinning every 4” along the side, pin Top & Bottom Borders onto quilt. Sew Borders on; press seam allowance toward Border. Quilt will measure 68 ½” x 55”.

SNOW GLOBE VILLAGE: Pattern #1: Step 6 under APPLIQUE INSTRUCTIONS…it should say With matching thread, use a machine straight stitch….on the edge of eyes & eyelids…It should be matching not black

Pattern#6: Cutting OUTER BORDER Black Print – Cut 7, 2” x 42” …not 8, 2” x 42”

HONEY BEE LANE: Pattern #4: Page 1, cutting instruction diagram is wrong, there should be a "D" piece cut out on both sides of the piece "L", not just on the left.

GINGERBREAD VILLAGE: Pattern #1: WHAT YOU WILL NEED, under what to purchase for entire quilt: 1 yd. Red Tonal should have been included

For Shops: On the Shop Pak SKU sheet, the white background fabric code has changed from 2217-W to 2217-SW.

LOVEBIRD LANE: Assembling the Quilt, Pattern #6, the CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS, Q – Cut 2 (NOT 1) , 3” x 42”; cut into 20, 3” x 3”

SEW SPOOKY: “Ghoul School”, Pattern #5: WHAT YOU WILL NEED, should read: Off-White Fabric (Flying Ghosts) Muslin (“Ghoul School” Sign) – Or see below* Ghost Fabric (Windows) – Or see below*

CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS, See Applique Instructions: Off-White Fabric (Flying Ghosts) Muslin (“Ghoul School” Sign) – OR cut from Sew Spooky Accessory Fabric packet

“Spells & Stitches”, Pattern #1: On the Applique Patterns page, it should say Chimney Top Cut 1 (NOT 2)