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Lovebird Lane, Sewn by Melissa Sutton (USA) and Appliqué & Quilted by Agnieszka Więtczak (Poland)
I quilt on longarm Bernina Q24. I live in Poland, Melissa lives in USA. But we are friends. :) I quilted for her many tops. She sew for me few. I like to quilt, she likes to sew. :) Thanks God we live in XXI century and we have quick parcels. And yes! Of course you can, thats why I sent the pictures of quilt. Im waiting for other your pattern. I bought it lately. This time I will sew by myself. And Ill send the pictures when be ready of course. Love all your patterns and kits! I have to live 100 years to make them all

Best regards, Agnieszka Wietczak