Garden Tea Party, The Complete Set

Garden Tea Party - The Complete Set
Garden Tea Party - The Complete Set
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CLICK ON THE QUILT PHOTO to see each Block in detail...and then if you can't pick just one of the block patterns...purchase The COMPLETE SET which is all 6 of the patterns in the quilt!

You'll get a different pieced Teapot Block in #1 - #4 patterns, a delightful Teacup border with "real" teabag in the 5th Pattern and the 6th Pattern, "Assembling the Quilt", has that fabulous pieced Flower and Vine Border.

"Garden Tea Party" was made with Maywood "Catalina" fabrics. Click on the "Looking for Fabric" button at bottom left of our screen and see what stores carry complete fabric kits for our quilt patterns.

Our quilter, Michaelanne Gephart, did a beautiful job of quilting. If you would like to contact her regards to quilting your quilt, her email is