Lovebird Lane

Lovebird Lane
"These lovebirds are doing all the things you LOVE to do!

"Lovebird Lane" has five birdhouse themed blocks. Click on the quilt photo and you can see a larger image of the blocks & quilt!! Birds are quilting at the "Quilter's Re-tweet", gardening at "Birdie's Garden", having cupcakes & afternoon tea at "Sweet Tweets", relaxing at "Lovebird Cottage" and receiving a special bundle of joy at "Special Delivery"!

Blocks and beautiful Tulip border are all EASY piecing--NO templates! The quilt measures 72" x 62" finished size.

There are 6 patterns to complete the quilt. Scroll down below to order them as single patterns or to order as a Set (all 6 patterns at once!)-- it's your choice.

We've made it even easier for you replicate our quilt by providing speciality fabrics that we've used in our very own quilt! Available for purchase is an optional Lovebird Lane Accessory Fabric Packet (Item #107).

This quilt was made with "Wild Rose" Maywood Studio fabrics..check out their website for the fabrics we used and where to buy them. Or click on the "Looking for Fabric" button at bottom left of screen and see what stores carry fabric kits for our quilt patterns.