Pattern 2, Bee My Honey

Bee My Honey
Bee My Honey
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This Beehive is filled with Love & Honey!

How cute is this? It's a Honey Pot Jar turned into a Beehive!! There is dripping honey coming out of the Jar and a darling "Honey" Jar Label stitched onto the Beehive too. And Love is in the air...there's a heart shaped Door, the Honey Pot stick has a red heart on top and even the Bee's "Trail" has a heart stitched on. How Sweet! Beehive is Super Easy Pieced with Applique details.

Part of the personality of this block are the specialty fabrics we used in the Beehive. The "Honey" Jar Label and the dripping "Honey" add such personality to the block! You can purchase them and all the other specialty fabrics used in the quilt blocks in the "Honey Bee Lane" Accessory Fabric Packet(ITEM #Honey Bee Lane107)! Melissa and Arlene designed this fabric and others in the quilt just so you can have your block look like theirs!

CLICK ON THE PHOTO of the block to see a larger image of "Honey Bee Lane".

12" x 12" finished block size. We used "In Stitches" & "Woolie Flannels" fabrics by Maywood Studio in our quilt.

This is Pattern 2 in a series of 6 patterns.