Pattern 4, Anna Cabana

Anna Cabana
Anna Cabana
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Anna has the cutest Cabana ever! The pieced Cabana even has a three dimensional drape on the door to allow Anna to just peek out. The three stacked sun umbrellas create a darling folk art style "flower" tree and are easily pieced. Details like the kite in the sky with it's embroidery floss "bows" tied onto the kite string just add more fun to this block!

CLICK ON THE PHOTO of the block to see a larger image of "Anna's Cabana".

The "Beach" Sign fabric was designed especially for this block. You can purchase the "Beach" Sign Fabric in our "Summer Fun" Accessory Fabric Packet(ITEM #Summer Fun 107)!

20" x 13" finished block size. We used My Secret Garden and Wild Rose fabrics by Maywood Studio in our quilt.

This is Pattern 4in a series of 6 patterns.