We don't like it, but it happens...here are a few corrections to our patterns.

HOMETOWN HARVEST: X, Y and Z patterns were missing from a few instructions. If your instructions were missing these templates, please contact us at 858-538-3534 or quiltcompany@yahoo.com and we will either email you the template or mail them out to you. Sorry for the inconvenience!

BUNNY TOWN: Pattern #3: Under Sewing Door, Step 6 it should read: Step 6 - Use Non-Template Method to sew Background (E) to House (J). Press seam allowance toward Background (E). (E is the correct piece, not F, the picture should reflect letter E not F, also).

Pattern #5: In the Applique instructions for cutting, the red scroll for the barn door braces are not listed as an applique piece. Make sure to include this in your applique pieces.


Step 1 – SIDE BORDERS: Sew (2) 2 ½” x 42” Outer Border strips together Make 2. From each 83" pieced strip cut 1, 2 ½” x 64 ½” Side border. Make 2. Save the 2 leftover 18 ½” strips to use at Step 3.

Step 2 - Pinning every 4” along the side, pin Side Borders onto quilt. Sew borders on; press seam allowance toward Side Border. Quilt will measure 64 ½” x 55”.

Step 3 – TOP & BOTTOM BORDERS: Sew (1) 2 ½” x 42” Outer Border strips plus the leftover 18 ½” strip from Step 1 together. Make 2. From each pieced strip Cut 1, 2 ½” x 55” Top & Bottom borders. Make 2.

Step 4 - Pinning every 4” along the side, pin Top & Bottom Borders onto quilt. Sew Borders on; press seam allowance toward Border. Quilt will measure 68 ½” x 55”.

SNOW GLOBE VILLAGE: Pattern #1: Step 6 under APPLIQUE INSTRUCTIONS…it should say With matching thread, use a machine straight stitch….on the edge of eyes & eyelids…It should be matching not black

Pattern#6: Cutting OUTER BORDER Black Print – Cut 7, 2” x 42” …not 8, 2” x 42”

HONEY BEE LANE: Pattern #4: Page 1, cutting instruction diagram is wrong, there should be a "D" piece cut out on both sides of the piece "L", not just on the left.

GINGERBREAD VILLAGE: Pattern #1: WHAT YOU WILL NEED, under what to purchase for entire quilt: 1 yd. Red Tonal should have been included

For Shops: On the Shop Pak SKU sheet, the white background fabric code has changed from 2217-W to 2217-SW.

LOVEBIRD LANE: Assembling the Quilt, Pattern #6, the CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS, Q – Cut 2 (NOT 1) , 3” x 42”; cut into 20, 3” x 3”

SEW SPOOKY: “Ghoul School”, Pattern #5: WHAT YOU WILL NEED, should read: Off-White Fabric (Flying Ghosts) Muslin (“Ghoul School” Sign) – Or see below* Ghost Fabric (Windows) – Or see below*

CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS, See Applique Instructions: Off-White Fabric (Flying Ghosts) Muslin (“Ghoul School” Sign) – OR cut from Sew Spooky Accessory Fabric packet

“Spells & Stitches”, Pattern #1: On the Applique Patterns page, it should say Chimney Top Cut 1 (NOT 2)